If you are a property manager, your life is about to get much easier.  P3 was created BY property managers, and designed FOR property managers.  We understand, first-hand, the daily grind and complexities associated with the property manager's responsibilities, and our service solves multiple common problems.  Do you have to call on a separate vendor for every job type?  Does it slow you down to wait on a return call so you can explain the issue and provide tenant information?  Do your vendors remember and understand your contract limitations with your owners and tenants?  Tired of juggling who is doing what and where?  Consistently wondering if the vendor has made contact or if the job is done and the tenant is happy? 

P3 offers a one-stop-shop for responsive property repairs and maintenance; including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, appliances, and more; emergency service included.  But the tremendous value of our service lies in our custom web-based work order system. Here, the property manager can submit a work order from a PC or smartphone, which includes all of the pertinent information we need to proceed with a repair, including exceptions and tenant contact.  We also have built in YOUR contract limitations so we are sure to adhere to your specific needs as part of YOUR business relationships.  And we won't ask every time what those are, they are a fundamental part of our internal system that we will customize for you.  Once the work order is submitted, you can rest assured we received it and are all over it.  You can view ALL of your work orders with P3 through our website, active or complete, and they are totally filterable and searchable by address.  You will even have the option of receiving an email every time we change the status of an order in our system, from call attempts to your tenants, to appointment scheduling, and job completion.

There is much more to showcase, and we simply can't detail it all here.  The principal values of our service include:

  • Web-based work order submission and tracking
  • Automatic email notifications throughout the life-cycle of a work order, as much or as little as you want or need
  • One vendor to handle ALL of your necessary repairs
  • Ability to easily manage your contract limitations
  • Fundamental understanding of tenant-manager-owner relationships and how to navigate them effectively
  • EPA Lead-Safe Certified
  • Prompt, electronic billing, with the ability to pay online with the click of a mouse 
  • Payment terms
  • Rates as as good as or better than any quality "handyman"
  • Clean, white, marked vehicles
  • Uniformed personnel 
  • Full-service and emergency options where the tenant can call on us directly

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